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Dracula is on the dance floor of his favorite disco, Club Crimson, when he is attacked by a swarm of jealous bats! Dracula must defend himself with his twin handguns in order to stay on the dance floor and keep grooving all night long, baby!

We made this game for a class in only a few weeks, so it's basically a game jam game. We currently have no plans to keep working on the game, but we'll definitely consider it, so let us know what you think!

A Xbox Controller is required to play this game.


1- Bobbleheads often have what unique feature?

2- What does this game, experimental film, and a certain type of mushroom have in common?


Michael Rodriguez (https://mrodcreative.itch.io)

Ricardo Yanofsky (https://ricardotnet.itch.io/)

Music: Hot Blood - Terror on the Dance Floor (edited for the game)

for educational use only


Dracula Handgun Stars The Game 25 MB

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