In this game you can play against an Ai or against a friend locally.

There are 2 phases in this game: Deploy & Attack

In the first phase Deploy mode, you take turns taking control of unclaimed territories and deploying troops to them. The first player to be unable to take control of a territory (running out of troops or all territories are already claimed) goes first in Attack mode.

In Attack mode, you take turns destroying enemy territories. In order to destroy an enemy territory the sum total of your troops adjacent to your target must be greater than the troops in the target territory you're attacking. Ties result in nothing. 

If you believe you have no possible attacks left, you may "Cease" your attack to pass your turn. Once you pass your turn you will be unable to attack again. Once both players have "Ceased" their attacks the game will end.

The winner is the player with more total territories at the end. If players have the same amount of territories left over the winner is determined by the player with the most surviving troops. If both territory number and troop total are equal the game ends in a Tie.

StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes